Starbucks Bullies Woman Wearing Trump Shirt, So Trump Supporters Fight Back With 1 Perfect Response

We have seen the left go to extreme lengths to ridicule President Donald Trump supporters.

This story goes too far. A woman wearing a Trump t-shirt was mocked and ruthlessly ridiculed by employees at Starbucks, all because she walked in and placed her drink order while supporting her president.

But the story doesn’t end there. In a spirit of kindness and education, a group of Trump supporters staged a walk-in at that specific Starbucks to teach those employees and manager a valuable lesson – tolerance.

From Independent Journal Review:

Kayla Hart was mocked and ridiculed by employees at a Charlotte, North Carolina, Starbucks last week because she dared to wear a Trump t-shirt.

“They shouted out build a wall and shoved a drink at me and then all the Barista’s [sic] in the back started cracking up laughing,” Hart previously told Fox 46.

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Hart’s treatment by Starbucks staffers quickly went viral, and when fellow Trump supporters caught wind of it, they decided to do something. But they didn’t launch a boycott or hold a violent “Antifa”-style protest that has been seen recently by far-left activists.

Instead, a group of Trump supporters put on their own Trump t-shirts, grabbed some signs, and headed to the Starbucks location that had embarrassed Hart because of her political beliefs.

One of the demonstrators, Sean Kilbane, gave his fellow Trump supporters this message before they entered the coffee shop:

“At all costs, we have to rise above any opposition or anybody that treats us poorly. Somebody says something, please ignore it. Don’t engage in it. Just be proud to be wearing the trump attire, pins, stickers, hats that we have, that we live in a great country, that we have the ability to go into this establishment. We’ve had problems in the past but hopefully those have been rectified and we can enjoy a cup of coffee and just enjoy being American.”

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When they got inside, the group ordered coffees and staged a “sit-in,” hoping to open a dialogue with management and employees about respecting people with opposing viewpoints.

At one point, Shellie Anderson sought to lighten the mood, so she ordered a coffee under the name “Trump” — and a Starbucks barista was “gracious” enough to fulfill the order.

“I gave them the name Trump and they did, they were very gracious about it. We just wanted to reverse the little negativity. So we did it,” Anderson told Fox 46.

This is an amazing story of conservatives taking a very negative situation and turning it into a positive one. Hopefully those rude, liberal Starbucks employees were able to learn a very valuable lesson in respecting other people’s opinions.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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