Trump says players who insult the Anthem should be fired – Do you agree?

The hoopla over the weekend couldn’t be missed:

President Donald Trump went nuclear on the spoiled brat athletes who insult the National Anthem by sitting or kneeling.

And of course, as most children do when they’re scolded for doing something wrong, they just keep doing it.

There are a few true country-lovers – and real-life American heroes – who understand concepts like respect and patriotism, but anti-Americanism still dominates sports (thanks, ESPN).

The fact that these are some of the richest, most pampered, out-of-touch individuals on earth makes this wildly hypocritical, not to mention comedic.

But that has never stopped liberals from making fools of themselves.

The question is, do you think Trump is right in saying that players who refuse to stand for the Anthem should be released by their teams?



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