Donald Trump’s Spectacular Power Moves Just Saved Taxpayers BILLIONS…America Is Applauding!

President Trump has run some impressive businesses for most of his life. His efforts have not always been resounding successes, but this happens in a business career. Overall, however, he has done extremely well.

Unfortunately, government doesn’t have to show a profit, but rather consumes resources, so bureaucracies can get loaded up with dolts and still keep functioning as long as the political leaders keep the money flowing. Load up a business with enough incompetents, and it loses money or goes broke. Unless, of course, its main customer is the government itself, which may be willing to fund the thing even thought it ought to close down.

Now that Trump is in office as president, he no doubt looks around and wonders what all these government employees are actually doing, and how it is possible to justify spending billions on agencies that are useless. Agencies which, if required to succeed as a business must succeed, would be long gone. As a result, he has gone to work. And he already saved the American taxpayer a ton of money – look at how much!

A group called the American Action Forum (AAF) has been keeping something of a scorecard of President Trump’s success in getting rid of unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy, thereby saving the taxpayers’ money. So after three weeks, how is he doing? “The adjustments have saved more than $2.83 billion, on top of saving 41 million man-hours of paperwork.” That’s in just three weeks!  Wait until he gets rolling.

It is true that, “[T]hese numbers were collected just after Trump’s Executive Order that established the budget for regulatory issues and the first repeal of a rule via the Congressional Review Act.” Nevertheless, it’s a fine start, one that bodes very well for what we can expect.

In a nation where it has been suggested that most Americans unwittingly violate at least a government regulation or two each day, we are in desperate need of deregulation. And some whole agencies just need to go away.

The necessity of the bulk of our government bureaucracy and its rules exist only in the minds of leftists who see the government as the savior of humanity. Somehow, humans who run businesses that supposedly rape the planet and exploit the workers are transformed into paragons of virtue and charity toward all once they enter government service. Either that, or more likely in the minds of the left, government service attracts the best and the brightest of our citizens. Is it really necessary to point out how absurd that is? There are bright people and idiots in both government and business.

It may be intended as a joke when people say that the most permanent thing in the country is a temporary government program, but it’s not funny. These costly regulations and useless agencies waste money that could be put to productive use, hiring people to do work that actually adds value and creates wealth. It is long past time to take an axe to them.  It’s all part of MAGA.

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Source: Political Insider

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