Trump REBUKES Liberal Judges, REVEALS New Jaw-Dropping Order…Radical Left Now Unhinged!

We have all heard the phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

In the case of Donald Trump, we can adjust that phrase to, “whatever executive order gets killed by the courts will only make my next order stronger and untouchable.”

During President Trump’s beyond lively press conference, we were given a sneak preview into the administration’s next plan for immigration.

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he would issue a new executive order next week “which will comprehensively protect our country.”

Trump said the order would be “tailored” to a recent federal appeals court decision to block the travel ban he issued in late January.

The president, speaking at a White House press conference, said the order will be issued “sometime next week, toward the beginning or middle, at the latest.” 

Earlier in his remarks, the president criticized appeals court’s decision to block his travel ban., which, among other restrictions, temporarily blocked visitors from seven largely Muslim countries.

From The Washington Post:

“Extreme vetting will be put in place and it already is in place in many places,” Trump said. He said the administration “had to go quicker than we thought” because a federal appeals court refused to lift the suspension on his travel ban.

You can watch Trump discuss this here:

Let’s hope that this next order is so air-tight, that not a single, solitary liberal judge is able to touch it.

Of course, if we actually had judges that worked to interpret the laws instead of creating them, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem at all. And these three from the Ninth Circuit really need to start reading statutes instead of pontificating their own bias.

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But then what attacks on Trump would the far left turn to next?

Source: CNBC, Washington Post

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