Trump’s Jaw Dropping Plan For Refugees REVEALED…This is EXACTLY What America Needs!

Why are those from other countries streaming into America? Is it because of a love of our culture and a desire to be part of it? Perhaps they are being persecuted in their home nations or are the victims of terrible wars. Or they are aware of generous public assistance benefits here and wish to avail themselves of some.

All of these and more are likely reasons, although some are more noble than others. In fact, your heart goes out to people who are victims of terrible wars such as those who are suffering through the civil war in Syria. Isn’t there a way to help these people without opening the borders of the US to potential terrorists? After all, not everyone seeking admission into the US is arriving with the best of motives. We’ve seen that proven in crime statistics.

It turns out that there is another way to help people in distress, and it would take a government to overlook it. That said, it turns out that President Trump is in the process of implementing just such a program.

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Is it possible to provide sanctuary for those displaced by war and persecution without increasing the risk of letting terrorists into the US? Yes, and here’s how it starts: “[W]hile Donald Trump doesn’t want to take in refugees to America due to concerns of terrorists slipping through the cracks, that doesn’t mean he’ll be doing nothing to help them.” 

Much of the vitriol directed at President Trump and his supports over immigration issues is intended to convey the idea that those who oppose open borders are bigots who care nothing about the welfare of other people. This is wrong, but it does go over well with leftist politicians and their allies in the mainstream media. Take a closer look, and one finds that is not the case.

Here is an outline of how it will be done: “Trump met with Saudi King Salman to work on creating safe zones for refugees in Syria and Yemen. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to resettle refugees in Syria and surrounding nations too – $1,057 per refugee per year on average, verses over $12,000 to resettle them in the U.S.”

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For those who are concerned about government spending as well as those who might wish to help the most people, resettling refugees in their part of the world it an obvious choice since it’s possible to resettle 12 refugees locally for the same cost as resettling one in the US.

There’s the matter of taking responsibility for your own problems in play here as well. Note that ABC News reports that, “President Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday evening, said he wants to establish ‘safe zones’ in Syria and other places instead of taking people into the U.S., and that the Gulf states would pay for those safe zones, saying that ‘they have nothing but money.'”

Of course, consistent with human nature, if wealthy nations like Saudi Arabia can get away with pushing the cost on to others they’ll do it. It will require Mr. Trump to make certain that US taxpayers will not asked underwrite solutions for any more problems in the Middle East than we are already doing.

So it may well be that we can help enormous numbers of people suffering persecution in the Middle East while at the same time blocking potential terrorists from entering our country.

Score one for President Trump.

Source: Allen B. West

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