WOW! Trump Just ROCKED Washington And REPEALED This…Obama’s Cronies Are Panicking!

There is a belief among big-government enthusiasts that business activity will continue on regardless of what the government might do to interfere.

It’s a matter of priorities – the needs of the government must come before the needs of the citizens. It’s a misguided philosophy that does untold damage, but its exponents have been very successful in promoting it.

President Trump has enraged the left by threatening to roll back the regulatory state. His talk of requiring that each new regulation issued must be accompanied by the abolition of two existing ones is unheard of to liberals. And he has already started the process of eliminating burdensome regulations.

From Western Journalism:

Making good on his campaign promise to roll back government red tape, President Donald Trump signed legislation Tuesday, which repealed one of the Obama administration’s more controversial regulations…

Although the regulation was meant to fight corruption in resource-rich countries, energy corporations have alleged it puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

The repeal was signed using the little-known Congressional Review Act and is only the second time in roughly two decades it has been used to repeal law.

In repealing a regulation impacting the energy industry, President Trump has used a little-known law enacted in 1996 just for this purpose. “‘[The]Congressional Review Act legislation provides relief for Americans hurt by regulations rushed through at the last minute by the Obama administration,’ Ryan commented. ‘This means freeing up American entrepreneurs, creating jobs, and jump-starting our economy. The House continues to take up Congressional Review Act initiatives this week.'”

Here’s what Donald Trump had to say about Obama’s horrifying legislation as President Elect:

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It’s enough to ruin a liberal’s day.

Of course, the left would never describe what they do in such blunt terms, but the result is the same. We are a nation buried in regulations. It’s led to the comment that most people unwittingly break some obscure regulation on a frequent basis. Whether that’s true or not, the burden the regulatory state puts on business, meaning employers, is immense with some industries harder hit than others.

Liberals typically view the economy, and society for that matter, as a machine – something that can be made better by twisting knobs. In their case, problems are solved by legislation and regulation. Hence a surplus of difficulties implies the need to write new laws and regulations as well as start new programs that will require new bureaucracies to administer them. Is there any wonder that we are drowning in rules and regulations?

It should be remembered that these businesses that are so often the targets of hurtful regulations are employers. In other words, attacks on business are attacks on American workers. Unfortunately, no one sees the jobs that are not created due to bureaucratic overreach. All that is seen are the alleged benefits of the regulations, which are typically anything but.

Republicans vow to use the Congressional Review Act extensively in the coming weeks. “The Trump administration, along with congressional Republicans, have vowed that this is only the beginning of many repeals to come.”

This is nothing but good news for Americans hungry for good jobs.

Source: Western Journalism

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