BREAKING! Trump’s Pick Reveals Plan To Eliminate Transgender Bathrooms…Obama’s Legacy Destroyed Overnight!

In the last few weeks and months of his nefarious administration, former President Obama seemed to take pleasure in figuratively “spitting” in the face of America’s morally decent and modest citizens, by allowing transgenders to use the public restroom of whatever gender they wanted to be at the moment.

Of course this sparked an outcry of angry parents and women who were fearful that sexual predators would take advantage of the situation and victimize a young child or a vulnerable woman.

It didn’t take long, however, for President Trump and his administration to undo the edict and reverse the policy.

From Joe for America:

Over the last few years, the left has hijacked the transgender community to force laws allowing men to enter the women’s bathroom, shower, and locker rooms at schools and other places…

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To make a long story short, Obama wrote an edict allowing boys who felt like girls to use the girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Texas led 38 states in a legal rebellion. Obama got smacked when a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction. Obama fought the injunction, begging for at least part of his edict.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions became the first real Attorney General in 8 years. The U.S. Justice Department has withdrew it’s request to fight. Well that was easy!

OOPS! Another example of where Barack Obama was so stupid that he left his legacy so simple to reverse.

Barack Obama always had more ambition than he had real common sense so that legacy he’s so proud of wasn’t hard to reverse!

Watch the video of Lance Berkman, former member of the Houston Astros baseball team, contending that the bathroom bill was putting women and children at risk!

As Joe For America put it:

Women have the right to use the bathroom without a man in there. PERIOD!!

There are plenty of unisex restrooms in this world and the “Trans” portion of the LGBT community is a minute fraction of the population.

You don’t upset everyone else’s privacy just to satisfy a tiny amount of men who cross-dress as women.

My sentiments exactly!

Source: Joe For America

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