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One of the many dramatic shifts we are going to see as Donald Trump takes over from Mr. Obama is in the level of respect for our military. While Bill Clinton might have once said that he “despises” the military, Hillary treated them with utter disdain, and Mr. Obama showed little regard for them, Donald Trump will do just the opposite. He will be both respectful and faithful to those who serve our country in uniform. This represents a massive change from the attitude shown by Mr. Obama.

While you always sensed that Obama’s kind words and actions regarding the members of our armed forces were just for show – simply a tiresome ritual he had to suffer through – Donald Trump gives every evidence of a man who truly is proud of those who serve in uniform and very willing to display that pride, both in action and in word. Those who risk their lives to defend our nation may now be assured that they have the gratitude and support of the president – something that should always have had.

A myriad of issues are demanding the incoming president’s attention and time, and the nation’s defense is one of those many. Nevertheless, Thursday was a day when Mr. Trump displayed his respect for the nation’s armed forces by putting them first with a traditional memorial service.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence visited Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday to show their respect for those who have served and continue to serve our nation in uniform. Continuing this tradition, “Thursday afternoon — after arriving in Washington, D.C. not on board his private jet, but by military aircraft — Trump followed in the footsteps of his predecessors by participating in a solemn ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.”

There can be little question about Mr. Trump’s attitude to the armed forces since this was at the top of his priority list. Note that, “It was the first official inaugural event for the nation’s incoming chief executive — as well as for Vice President-elect Mike Pence and their families — placing a memorial wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.”

It’s one thing to speak with great respect for the nation’s military. It is another to give them the tools they need to do their jobs. That’s on its way, too: “’In his campaign, Trump called for 90,000 more Army soldiers, a 350-ship Navy, 100 more fighters, and strengthened nuclear and missile defenses,’ reported Forbes, noting the expansion of naval forces would likely mean ‘increased spending on aircraft carriers and a big increase in attack submarines.’”

The contrast between Donald Trump and Barack Obama continues to sharpen. There will be few tears among those in uniform over the departure of Mr. Obama, a man who is an opportunist and who, like the Clintons, saw those brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines simply as tools to advance their political agendas. It had to be discouraging to know those were the sort of people who were your leaders.

Not so with Donald Trump. He recognizes the threats this nation faces as well as the deep importance of the military. They will now get the respect they deserve.

Source: Western Journalism

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