BREAKING: Trump OBILTERATES Obamacare Legacy…This Order Completely BLOWS UP In Barack’s Face!

The Trump agenda, although extremely controversial to the Democrat freeloaders, is well on it’s way towards implementation.

Donald Trump has spoken about many plans he has for his first 100 days in office: build the southern border wall; shut down illegal immigration; cutting down federal government positions; defunding Planned Parenthood; the list continues.

Along with all of these amazing plans, Americans will be cheering when they read what on the to-do list SOON:

We are now learning that the president is already signing executive orders to nullify some of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway, let the cat out of the bag on what President Trump plans to do in the coming days.

Via Reuters:

The Trump administration may no longer enforce a rule requiring individual Americans to carry health insurance or pay a penalty if they do not, a senior White House official said on Sunday.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” program, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, said President Donald Trump “may stop enforcing the individual mandate.”

Separately, on CBS’ “Face the Nation” show, she reiterated Republican promises that no one would lose their health insurance under Obamacare while a replacement is being developed.

“For the 20 million who rely upon the Affordable Care Act in some form, they will not be without coverage during this transition time,” she said.

On Friday Trump signed an executive order concerning the 2010 healthcare law, urging U.S. agencies to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation” of provisions deemed to impose fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals.

Most of us knew back in 2010 the Affordable Care Act was going to be neither affordable nor caring, since anything the federal government does always ends up costing exponentially more than the value we receive from it. They tend to administer their goodies with an iron fist from under a microscope.

The motto for conservatives has always been and always will be “limited government and more freedom.”

That’s what the Bill of Rights say! And now we have President Trump, who believe in the Constitution, to help protect our rights as citizens.

Source: Allen B West

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