Trump Hands 9th Circuit Court A BLISTERING Rebuke…Stops Them DEAD In Their Tracks!

Even though President Trump’s travel ban executive order to stop travel from terrorist laden middle eastern countries has run into a roadblock, Trump isn’t backing off his promise to end refugee and immigrant resettlement into America until new vetting measures are put into place.

The Ninth Circuit Court is so unpopular that there is an effort by House Republicans to split it up and economist “Thomas Sowell joked over a decade ago that there would be a day when the 9th Circuit rules the constitution unconstitutional.” Which isn’t so far fetched since they’ve had over 80% of their decisions overturned by the US Supreme Court.

After the Ninth Circuit ruling against his travel ban, Trump tweeted that he would “see you in you court.” He isn’t going to simply accept their ruling as final, because he has a plan to keep his executive order alive.

According to the New York Post:

President Trump plans to appeal the decision that halted his ban on immigration from seven countries, according to a report on Fox Business on Monday.

Lawyers for the federal government and the states that opposed the executive order will discuss the ruling at 6 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, Fox Business reported.

Trump’s lawyers will seek an en banc hearing — meaning the court would select 11 judges at random from a judicial pool of about 30 judges in that circuit to hear the appeal.

Only three of the 9th Circuit judges heard the case and all ruled against the administration.

Allen B West also listed a few of Trump’s options, besides the en banc hearing request:

There are a number of options Trump has at his disposal to get around the 9th Circuit. He could file an emergency application to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to rule on the trial court’s ruling blocking his executive order suspending travel from seven mostly Muslim countries. He could get a ruling in a few days if he were to pursue that strategy.

In addition to his “see you in court” comment, Trump also floated the idea of simply signing a new executive order. Of course, that option would require Trump to acknowledge faults in his original executive order, which seems unlikely given his confidence in its constitutionality.

No doubt President Trump isn’t just going to allow a liberal court to have the last word. Especially since it is primarily focused on preventing him from making good on his promise to secure America from the threat of terrorism by radical Islamic terrorists.

It’s morbidly funny that the liberals are taking a stand against Trump because when they’re defeated, and they will be, they will be humiliated for all the world to see!

Source: Allen B West

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1 Comment

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