Do You Support President Trump’s New Travel Ban?

President Trump is scheduled to sign a new executive order to replace the travel ban that was halted by the liberal elite.

This ban will still protect American from the same seven terrorist-filled countries, there only appears to be a few language changes that will keep the ban from another round of judge intervention.

From Conservative Tribune:

For one, the new order would include exemptions for legal permanent residents and green-card holders. The president’s first order failed in part because of the drama it stirred up when legal U.S. residents who should have been allowed entry into the country were blocked.

Second, the order would not indefinitely suspend the importation of Syrian refugees. Instead the importation of any and all refugees would be temporarily halted until such time as the federal government was able to develop “extreme vetting” measures, according to Fox.

Third, Trump’s new immigration order would also mandate a reduction in the number of refugees allowed entry this year from 100,000 (as had been planned by former President Barack Obama) to just 50,000.

Do you support the president’s upcoming order?

Do You Support President Trump's New Travel Ban?

You can learn more about the ban here:

Source: Conservative Tribune

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