After THIS Meeting, Trump Makes SPECTACULAR Move To SAVE Taxpayers Millions…Proves How Much He LOVES America!

Donald Trump is making headlines, which is not surprising. He is already getting nations and businesses to make deals to benefit the country before he even takes office. This is a measure of the man’s talent and dedication to serving the country. It is also a measure of what a weak-kneed disaster Mr. Obama has been as president, a man who seems largely devoid of moral courage.

Part of Obama’s problem is that he arrived at the White House completely unprepared for the leadership role he would be expected fulfill. A community organizer, a college instructor (okay, “law professor” if one insists), and an attorney does not prepare one to lead the United States. There are many other skills and abilities required. In Obama’s case, it qualified him to make speeches, attend global summits, advocate for leftist causes, hang out with Hollywood stars, and play innumerable rounds of golf. When his positions were challenged by foreign leaders, his response was to equivocate and promptly move his “red lines” back so as to run from the confrontation.

The contrast with Donald Trump could not be more striking. Not only are they opposites on political ideologies, beliefs, and policies, but Donald Trump has more leadership ability than Mr. Obama could ever imagine. That he is already accomplishing more than Obama when he was the President-elect says it all. And one great example would be what’s going on in his negotiations with Boeing.

Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is the sort of thing about which books can be written. His is a masterful use of the platform, and he has accomplished amazing things with it. For instance, “[w]hen President-elect Donald Trump criticized Boeing on Twitter early last month and called for the government to cancel its contract with the airplane manufacturer over excessive costs of Air Force One, liberals went berserk, slamming him for alleged incompetence.”

But it looks like the left allowed their zeal to bash Trump to let them get ahead of themselves: “Fast forward to Jan. 17, when Trump met with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg for what turned out to be an ‘excellent conversation,’ as Muilenburg later told reporters. ‘We made some great progress on simplifying requirements for Air Force One, streamlining the process, streamlining certification by using commercial practices,’ he said after the meeting, according to Reuters. ‘That’s going to lead to substantial cost reductions.’”

Obviously, we don’t know the entire contents of this conversation, but we can tell by the outcome that Mr. Trump made his point. And in so doing he sends a message to military contractors that he is going to demand value for taxpayers’ money. The days of being able to pad the project with extra expenses are over.

This, once again, demonstrates the leadership abilities and negotiation skills of Donald Trump. He is so far removed from Obama, who bowed before foreign leaders both figuratively and physically, that it’s no wonder the left is pulling their hair out.

The Trump Train rolls on, and the left best take note or get flattened. Mr. Obama has left the building, and the new boss is nothing like the old boss.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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