WOW! After Trump Makes STUNNING Gesture To Lost Navy SEAL, Drops BRUTAL Justice Message To Radical Muslims!

The brutal truth is that wars cost lives. That’s an obvious truth, but it’s also one that some of our leaders either gloss over, or seem to put out of mind. It’s a cost that falls naturally on our military personnel, but it should also be natural to offer support and gratitude to those service men and women who offer their lives in defending our nation.

This is precisely what Barack Obama and both Clintons did not do. Brave men were dying in defense of this country, and at times Mr. Obama couldn’t even take a break from his incessant golfing outings to make a few remarks on their behalf. And Bill and Hillary? The military is beneath them, or so they incorrectly think. The whole miserable bunch of them were a disgrace to the offices they held.

Mr. Trump has ordered military actions to destroy terrorist groups such as ISIS as well as al-Qaida. Those who ignore the fact that these groups would love to conduct successful attacks within the US are self-delusional. It is a credit to our armed services and law enforcement agencies that terrorist efforts have been largely unsuccessful. When one dies in defense of our nation, it is a loss to us all. Finally, in Donald Trump we have a president who appreciates that fact, and who is prepared to take the time to acknowledge the sacrifice as he just did.

On learning of a service member’s death in a raid against al-Qaida in Yemen, President Trump issued a statement: “’Americans are saddened this morning with news that a life of a heroic service member has been taken in our fight against the evil of radical Islamic terrorism,’ he said, according to the Department of Defense. ‘The sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces and the families they leave behind are the backbone of the liberty we hold so dear as Americans, united in our pursuit of a safer nation and a freer world.'”

This is what real leadership looks like, as opposed to the fraudulent leadership to which we have been subjected for the past eight years. Mr. Trump recognizes that it is he who has ordered the brave men and women into battle, and thus feels compelled to mourn any losses of life. And he’s not too busy to take time to do that publicly.

It should also be noted that when a commander-in-chief shows this level of respect and concern for those in his command, it’s a powerful morale-booster for the troops. It’s what they have deserved all along. In President Trump, it’s something they now have.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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