President Trump Just Gave This Obama Legacy A Knock-Out Punch! Ouch — THAT Has Gotta Hurt!

Former President Obama’s anti-fossil fuels policies cost a lot of people their jobs and sent the economy into a tailspin as coal plants closed.

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Along with that, the cost of energy skyrocketed as renewable solar and wind energy failed to meet expectations.

To reverse the damaging effects of the former Obama administration, President Trump is expected to sign an executive order. This will complete change Barack Obama’s emissions regulations that were so damaging to the energy industry. This will result in more coal mining jobs as plants reopen and as more electricity is produced it will help lower utility costs!

From Right Wing News:

President Trump is set to sign an executive order that will reverse Barack Obama’s carbon emission regulations. This is very good news for both jobs and our economy. I am still very upset over the healthcare debacle and President Trump’s actions over it, but this is a very good move on his part and Trump should be recognized for it. EPA head Scott Pruitt is leading the charge on this one and together, they will bring jobs back to the US as well as sanity to the EPA.

When Obama shut down the coal industry, it put many, many people out of work and utility bills started to skyrocket. Now, those jobs are at least partially coming back and costs are dropping once again. Obama’s plan, currently stayed by a February 2016 Supreme Court decision, sets specific carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for states, discouraging electricity produced from coal. Obama’s moves against the industry have already caused many coal plants to shut down.

Trump’s EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt elaborated on the expectations of repealing president Obama’s EPA regulations.

The Washington Examiner reported:

“This is about making sure that we have a pro-growth and pro-environment approach to how we do regulation in this country,” Pruitt said on ABC’s This Week.

The order, he said, “will address the past administration’s efforts to kill jobs across this country through the Clean Power Plan.”

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Pruitt also said the EPA would work to bring back jobs, unlike what we have seen in Obama’s administration.

It was also two days ago when Trump officially approved the permit for the Keystone pipeline.


He signed a similar measure a few days after the inauguration.


I will be honest when I agree or disagree with Trump, but on this issue, it is very satisfying knowing he opposes endless green regulations.

Pruitt argued for the repeal of Obama’s regulations by saying:

“This is an effort to undo the unlawful approach the previous administration engaged in and to do it right going forward with the mindset of being pro-growth and pro-environment, and we can achieve both,” he said.

We can all agree that President Obama’s way of doing things was extremely deleterious, especially in the area of energy production. He seemed to want to shut it down at every turn.

The positive effects of Trump’s EPA regulation roll back should be felt almost immediately!

Source: Right Wing News

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