BREAKING: Trump Just Dropped Major Announcement…Newest Top Advisor Has Liberals In Massive Meltdown!

Of the many issues that were debated in the recently concluded presidential campaign, internet security is one that forced itself into the discussion. Not only did we have the infamous “Clinton email sever in the closet” phenomenon that contributed to her defeat, but we also saw copious amounts of embarrassing and incriminating Democratic party documents dumped on the internet via WikiLeaks. While the accusations remain unproven, Russia was implicated in some of this.

Whatever the case, hacking internet servers is illegal, and more importantly, can endanger lives and cause millions of dollars in damages, depending on the site hacked. Imagine someone accessing the names, locations, and identities of our intelligence agents world-wide and publishing that information publicly. Or someone disrupting financial markets. Clearly this is a problem in need of a solution.

Trump recognizes the threat no doubt much more than most, as he had to deal with it during his election campaign. While not the target of hacking himself (as far as we know), his campaign has been accused of benefiting from the illegal acts of others. So Mr. Trump has now turned to a trusted colleague to take on the problem.

Rudy Giuliani, sometimes referred to as Americans favorite mayor, announced that he has been appointed by Donald Trump to attack the problem of cyber-security. “Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced on ‘Fox and Friends’ Thursday that he will be heading up a new cyber security committee for President-elect Donald Trump.”

Says Giuliani referring to Mr. Trump,“It’s his belief, which I share, that a lot of the solutions are out there. We’re just not sharing them. … My belief is, as always, that the answer to cyber security is gonna be found in the private sector.”

And Mr. Giuliani has some qualifications for the job: “In January of 2016 he was named as Chair of the Cybersecurity, Privacy and Crisis Management Practice for the law firm Greenberg Traurig. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Security & Safety, a security, investigative, and crisis management consulting firm.”

The team that Donald Trump is assembling is truly remarkable. What is absent is the typical political cronyism to which we’ve so often been subjected where unqualified persons are appointed to positions of importance by corrupt leaders simply for political benefit. That is one thing we will not miss.

Source: The Political Insider

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