You’ll Never Guess What President Trump Just Did…Sends Senate Democrats Into Full MELTDOWN – WOW!

President Trump has accomplished something early on in his presidency that will leave a decades long legacy for America. And there is nothing that Liberals can do about it.

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Nothing, at all!

You see, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. And after a long battle in the Senate, the Republicans were able to “go nuclear” and vote Gorsuch in based upon a simple majority instead of a 2/3 vote. The best part of this story is that when the Senate Democrats were in power, they created the “nuclear option” in order to force liberal justices to the court without Republican consent. How delicious this payback is for Republicans! Needless to say, the Democrats are a complete mess!

From Right Wing News:

The left is now in full meltdown mode after Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn in for the Supreme Court. They are calling him ‘illegitimate’ and they claim he stole the position from Merrick Garland. Horse poop. Gorsuch was the perfect nominee for the High Court… a constitutional originalist to replace Antonin Scalia was the right thing to do. If the left hated this move, they are sure to despise the next as at least one more Justice will be stepping down this summer. President Trump is more than likely to nominate another originalist. In fact, there may be more than one Justice after this. It could turn the High Court conservative for decades to come.

Per TheBlaze, Gorsuch took two oaths in order to serve on the court, the first constitutional oath in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court, the second judicial oath during a ceremony at the White House. Gorsuch was a clerk at one time for Justice Anthony Kennedy and in a unique occurrence, Kennedy swore Gorsuch in. Yesterday was a long awaited for day and it was a good one.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Nominated by President Trump and confirmed on Friday, Gorsuch replaced the late Justice Antonin Scalia and is the youngest member of the Supreme Court.
Here is the video of President Trump at the swearing in ceremony:

We are cheering both President Trump and Justice Neil Gorsuch! We are ready to bring the US Constitution back to Americans!

Source: Right Wing News

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