Guess How President Trump Is Going To Incinerate ISIS? Are Radical Islamic Terrorists Finally Done For?

By now, most of us are reasonably certain that ISIS could never have attained to the level of the threat they pose in the Middle East, nor in western nations, without help from former President Obama.

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Obama, through his own ineptitude, basically armed, equipped, funded, and emboldened the terrorists to go and try to subjugate the entire Middle East. From there, their plans were to take over much of Europe and ultimately arrive in America. With easy access to the United States through our southern borders with Mexico, thousands of young men of military age claiming refugee status have arrived to execute their radical Islamic plans.

President Trump has promised to handle the ISIS terrorism crisis once and for all by eliminating them altogether.

Joe For America has the “how”:

The White House administration has remained consistent in their promise to eliminate one of our greatest threats, ISIS. At first the President said he would keep the plan secret so that radical Islamic terrorists couldn’t use his words to try and figure out his plan of attack. But the President is slowly rolling out his plan to combat the Islamic State.

Some of those plans include pushing a regime change and ousting Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Aiding in the creation of an end-state in Syria that would prevent future terrorism that Russia and Iran can’t afford to combat; while simultaneosuly supporting Russian efforts to do the same. As well as helping to create stability instead of prioritizing humanitarian relief.

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The President stated, “we are going to convey my top generals and give them a simple instruction. They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS.”

After only a few weeks on the job Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared at his very first large international event that focused on collaborating on how to defeat ISIS. Tillerson emphasized this policy of combating terrorism as a primary administration issue. He said, “the United States will increase our pressure on ISIS and al Qaeda and will work to establish interim zones of stability, through ceasefires, to allow refugees to return home.”

Former President Obama did everything he could to enable ISIS to grow and become powerful enough to threaten a significant portion of the world.

President Trump isn’t going to stand for what Obama tried to do and at the very least we can expect Trump to eliminate the threat to America.

If he destroys ISIS altogether, the rest of the world will owe him a great debt of gratitude!

Source: Joe For America

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