AMAZING: Trump Inauguration Schedule Released…Obama Once Again Humiliated!

In the past few weeks, Donald Trump has proven to the American people that they made the right choice. As a stark contrast to our current lame-duck president, Trump has reached out to those mourning in the recent terrorist attacks, attended the Army-Navy game, and has called families of slain police officers.

This week he held Boeing to a firm commitment of saving taxpayer funds in the building of another Air Force One. He also has encouraged job growth, so every hard working American can find the best opportunities for themselves and their families.

And what has Obama been doing this week? Vacationing. Again.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that come January 20, there will be less partying and more production coming out of a Trump Administration.

From Conservative Tribune:

President-elect Donald Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee released the schedule of events for inauguration week on Wednesday, and compared to President Barack Obama’s itinerary when he was first sworn in, Trump appeared to be more interested in working than celebrating.

“The 2017 inaugural celebrations will reflect President-elect Trump’s eagerness to get to work in order to make our country safer and stronger,” said Tom Barrack, chairman of the PIC. “President-elect Trump is committed to unifying our country as we once again celebrate the foundation of our American system and the peaceful transfer of power.”

Thank you President Trump for keeping the pockets of the taxpayers in mind, and working hard to Make America Great Again!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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