SPECIAL REPORT: Trump Seizes COLOSSAL Illegal Immigration Victory…Criminals Are Panicking!

The illegal immigration issue seems like it should be rather cut and dried. Enter the nation legally, and we’re glad to have you. Obey our laws and you should be fine. Enter the nation illegally, and we’ll send you back home. Regardless of how you got here, if you break the law you’ll be arrested, and if convicted likely imprisoned or deported.

That would be the situation in a normal world. Of course, we live in no such environment. Ours is one where most everything we do has some sort of political connotation attached to it. So it comes as no surprise that immigration and travel by foreign nationals to our country are sources of heated political debate.

The question then becomes one of causation. When we look at the number of arrests of illegal aliens, are we looking at the results of new initiatives by the Trump administration? Or are these arrests just the work of enforcement agencies doing the same things they have been doing all along during the Obama administration?

The New York Times is reporting that, “Federal immigration officials arrested more than 600 people across at least 11 states last week, detaining 40 people in the New York City area, law enforcement officials said on Sunday.”

That sounds like a job well done. But has there really been any change in enforcement under President Trump yet? The Times is non-committal: “It remained unclear whether the actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were part of continuing operations to round up illegal immigrants with criminal convictions or a ramping-up of deportations by the Trump administration.”

There are a couple of ways of looking at this. If this level of arrests is routine, then President Trump’s detractors need to take a hard look at immigration enforcement under the Obama administration. Perhaps America was not quite what the left would like to imagine it was when Mr. Obama was president.

On the other hand, it’s very likely that Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) realized that President Trump plans to build a fire under the agency, and give its agents more support. Hence they might be adjusting to the new normal.

In any event, these are some bad people who have been arrested. “‘All these people are in violation of some sort of immigration law,’ the [ICE] official said, adding that some of their convictions included rape and aggravated assault. ‘We’re not going out to Walmart to check papers — we know who we are going out to seek.'”

This should help put to rest the false notion that the Trump administration is going to order the mass detention of anyone who is the least bit suspect. ICE is targeting those for whom there is evidence of a violation of at least our  immigration laws.

In a normal world, this is how justice should work.

In the imaginary world of some on the left, there are masses of people who have a right to sanctuary in America without bothering with our immigration or other relevant laws. Furthermore, none of these people are crime risks, and all can be fit into sanctuary cities where they are protected from enforcement actions by the federal immigration authorities.

These liberals don’t realize how fortunate they are. In spite of their living in an alternative reality, ICE is removing the very people they would coddle, thereby making them that much safer from at least some of those migrants who are murderers and rapists.

The left is correct: The world is not a fair place. And they are the unwitting beneficiaries of that fact.

Source: The Political Insider

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