JUST IN: Trump Humiliates Obama One Last Time…And We Have The Picture To Prove It!

Barack Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” America actually happened to a certain extent, but that transformation took the form of turning America into a less prosperous, less secure, less tolerant and more tumultuous society. Why? All because of his horrendous policies!

Plainly and simply stated, President Obama’s tenure was nearly a decade of him showing contempt for constitutional law, American tradition, and disrespect for any authority other than his!

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has probably displayed more competence and wisdom in the first two weeks of his administration than Obama did in eight years.

Why don’t you take and look and see the difference between the two presidencies. Remember that President Trump has only been in office for TWO WEEKS!

Notice the difference? Both photos taken during their first week.

Posted by Red White Blue News on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Yes I’m Right explains:

When Donald Trump took the oath of office, he pledged to never stop working for
the American people. Trump’s past was questioned by the left because of his
business ventures. They questioned whether he was doing this for the betterment
of the country or just as a game. I think we have our answer.

We catch a lot of flak and hate mail from people due to our views on Barack
Obama. Obama, in my estimation, was the single laziest President in our nation’s
history. Now you see why we get hate mail. But no matter what you think, there is
undeniable proof that Obama took more vacations than anyone else, spent more
taxpayer money on vacations than anyone else, and largely didn’t do much to help
this country outside of social issues. And those social issues where he radically and
monumentally failed at uniting the country.

So what will Trump do? What kind of president will he be? Will he be lazy? Will he
just sit back and let America become great again on it’s own? No. And this is the
picture to prove it. Below is a shot of Obama and Trump on the same day of the
first week of their presidency. This speaks volumes.

The picture says it all! About where Obama’s priorities were and where Trump’s are now. About Obama’s opinion of his own importance and what Trump believes about himself.

In his arrogance, Obama thought he had all the answers and Trump wants to make sure he has the right answers to Make America Great Again!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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