Trump Executes HISTORIC Power Move…Liberals Are HUMILIATED!

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, we saw, over and over again, his support for both the military and police, as they put their lives on the line each and every day.

He promised that, if he became president, he would ensure that his support would not waver. And now as president, Donald Trump has already come through in many ways.

After being in office for only such a short time, President Trump has instructed his attorney general to take the shackles off the men in blue, thereby allowing them to do their jobs properly. Something former President Obama refused to do.

From Mad World News:

The president vowed he would protect our law enforcement heroes who were so badly abused by the Obama regime, which let Black Lives Matter (BLM) run rampant with no consequences. Now, it’s bad news for the BLM thugs as Trump just shut them down. Cops everywhere are loving this, and you will too.

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President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions just reversed the bigotry and bias against law enforcement officers that Barack Obama introduced into our society during his presidency. Sessions, taking his marching orders from Trump, just announced that they are abandoning Obama’s “tactic of suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities.”

Translation: No Longer will there be a rush to judgment, assuming a cop is guilty if he shoots a minority. “We need, so far as we can, to help police departments get better, not diminish their effectiveness. And I’m afraid we’ve done some of that,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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It’s about time that we undo the mess that Barack Obama created. He used the Black Lives Matter movement to undermine and thwart the police and their efforts to serve and protect. You would have thought that our first African-American president would have done his best to unify the country. As a son of a Kenyan father and Caucasian mother, you would have expected Obama to embrace both sides of his DNA and encourage the United States to grow together racially. Instead, he chose to alienate every other race other than African-Americans and thereby watch the BLM movement explode.

Well, with a new sheriff in town, President Trump is going to make sure that all lives are respected and treated equally, and that those who commit crimes, regardless of race, are held to the fullest extent of their actions.

Source: Mad World News

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