Look Who President Trump Has Right Where He Wants Him, Says He’d “Better Get A Good Attorney”

Associating with Bill and Hillary Clinton carries with it substantial risks. For one thing, there are the suspicious deaths of those connected with the Clintons. These would include an unusual number of deaths claimed to be suicides as well as unsolved murders. This evidence proves nothing, at least so far, but certainly gives one pause.

Another risk of becoming involved with the Clintons is that you might find yourself a subject of criminal investigations. It is as though there is some contagion at work here, something that infects those close associates of the Clintons that leads to their being investigated, or experiencing the aforementioned death under unusual circumstances.

Mr. Obama might find himself paying a very heavy price for his association with Hillary, especially if it turns out that he obstructed justice to cover for Hillary’s corruption while secretary of state. Not only might Mr. Obama be in trouble with the law, but former attorney general Lynch, former FBI Director Comey, and Hillary’s husband, Bill, could potentially find themselves under indictment for covering up Hillary’s crimes. In fact, President Trump is reported to have commented that Mr. Obama had “better get a good attorney.”

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It’s enough to make one wonder if the benefits of hanging out with Bill and Hillary are really worth the risks. No doubt some are very much attracted to being associated with those in such positions of power. Others have no doubt benefited financially. Still, is it worth the risks? Of course not.

“Trump attorney Jay Sekulow just revealed a huge problem for Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and the Clintons. We all remember the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting that Lynch said was a personal visit with Bill Clinton, where they discussed ‘grandkids.’ With Hillary Clinton being under fire for her email server scandal at the time, we all knew that was a load of bullcrap, and Sekulow just discovered damning evidence that incriminates Lynch and Obama in a massive cover-up.”

That explanation given for the meeting Bill Clinton had with then Attorney General Lynch is so inane that it is insulting to be asked to believe it. And it was a stupid thing to say given that it’s an obvious lie. The husband of a candidate for president, a candidate who is under investigation for potential criminal activities, takes the extraordinary measure of meeting with the attorney general on her plane as it sits on the tarmac just so he can talk about their grandkids? What an insult to people’s intelligence. It’s such a stupid response that spokespersons would have been better off to tell the press that it’s none of their business.

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“On the ACLJ website, Jay’s son Jordan Sekulow, who’s also an attorney, writes, ‘Our federal lawsuit against the DOJ bureaucracy over the secret meeting between former Attorney General Lynch and former President Clinton has already unearthed documents proving the FBI lied that it had “no” documents, that the media was colluding with the Obama DOJ to bury the story, and that AG Lynch (AKA Elizabeth Carlisle) was using a secret email address to conduct official business. Now we’ve uncovered that the White House was involved.'”

So the web of corruption extends to include not only Hillary herself, but also to Mr. Obama personally as well as other close associates. If it turns out that the then president, attorney general, and FBI director were all involved in the coverup of criminal actions by Hillary, we’re looking at perhaps the most serious government scandal in the nation’s history.

And how ironic would it be if the event that started the unraveling of the coverup was the revelation of a meeting Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch under very suspicious circumstances. Circumstances that cannot be reconciled with the official explanation for the meeting.

The plot thickens ever further to implicate Senator Dianne Feinstein who is supposed to be investigating, on behalf of the Senate, the tarmac meeting. The problem is that Feinstein’s deputy counsel was working for Lynch at the time of that meeting. So we have yet another conflict of interest and evidence of corruption.

“Jay Sekulow was livid last night on Sean Hannity’s show, where he said, ‘The conflict of interest is astounding. Committee staff [Dianne Feinstein, Paige Herwig] who are supposedly investigating this [tarmac] situation were the same people creating the talking points [Loretta Lynch, Paige Herwig] – Obama loyalists investigating themselves.'”

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This is all so obviously corrupt and involves so many top government officials including two former presidents, that it screams for a massive investigation by those who truly are impartial and who are not afraid to pursue the truth no matter where it leads or who is indicted.

“AG Sessions has zero conflict of interest here, so he can just go ahead and open an investigation, which he may have already done. Typically, DOJ investigations are secret matters”

Perhaps the investigation is already underway. We can certainly hope such is the case. Failure to do so amounts to winking at corruption at the highest levels of our government. Surely that is not something that President Trump would want as part of his legacy.

Source: Mad World News

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