President Trump Has Had Enough! He Is Telling Criminal Muslim Migrants To…!

There comes a point in time when, after being pushed and pushed and pushed, one says, ENOUGH!

In this particular case, President Trump is the one who has said “enough.” He has had it with the constant whining of the Liberals, especially the judges who stopped not only one, but two of his travel ban executive orders. So what do you do in the face of such stupidity, while in the meantime, you see radical Islamic terror infiltrate your beloved country?

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You take matters into your own hands. And by that, I mean, President Trump has decided to send back 4,800 Muslim migrants, who are criminals, back to their home country of Somalia.

From Mad World News:

When reports broke of Trump returning a group of newly arrived Somali migrants in accordance with his latest travel ban, leftists threw one of their infamous tantrums, urging liberal politicians to block the U.S. President at every turn. Twice, the left has effectively prevented Trump from invoking a temporary ban on a small percentage of terror-prone Muslim countries, directly resulting in a flood of un-vettable migrant criminals flocking to our nation. Unfortunately for them, they mistakenly believed that blocking Trump’s travel bans would secure the migrants’ stay for good.

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Although the travel bans have been stifled, the Trump administration has countered the blocks by ordering the mass deportation of 4,801 Somali Muslim migrant criminals, Somalia’s U.S. Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad said on Saturday. Already, at least 237 Somali migrants whose asylum applications were denied have been extradited to Mogadishu, and more are expected to be sent back within the upcoming months, U.S. ICE spokesman Brendan Raedy told Newsweek

Some of the Somalis who’ve been scheduled for deportation are currently held in prisons and detention centers, Voice of America reports. The mainstream media won’t report that these failed asylum seekers were denied refuge because of dangerous criminal activity and lying about or omitting implicative information on their applications.

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Good for President Trump! It is time for America to stop having to endure and hear these horrifying stories of Muslims attacking our women and children in heinous ways. Radical Islamic terrorists have strong intentions to come into the United States, turn the rule of law into Sharia Law, and live according to their own religion. Anything that has to do with freedom, the Declaration of Independence, or the U.S. Constitution, in Muslims’ minds, cannot co-exist with their extremism.

So the United States needs to protect itself from such abuses and support what President Trump is doing: deport those who are criminals and do not believe in our way of life here.

Source: Mad World News

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