TRUMP GIRL: Eleven Year Old Melts The Internet With Her Mammoth Interview…Even Donald Is Speechless!

Listening to the mainstream media is one unpleasant requirement of writing political columns. Although you can have a pretty good idea of what these people are going to say, they do go a long way in setting the agenda for the news, so one is rather stuck with at least listening to excerpts to hear what topics they are addressing and how those are being spun.

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Fortunately, we also have media outlets that are not craven servants of the left. They are a breath of fresh air, and serve to instill confidence that all is not lost. 

Building on that success, we have reason for encouragement that there are young people who understand the issues, and are not spending their time trying to sign up for Mr. Obama’s free “stuff” army or looking for handouts from the marginally coherent Bernie Sanders. And Hillary is just ignored or treated with the derision she so richly deserves. One such young lady was recently interviewed, and it’s hard to image an adult as articulate at this eleven-year old is.

Watch and see how amazing this young lady is.

This is one very precocious young lady. She is able to articulate the issues better than many members of the press. She is confident, informed, and delivers well-reasoned arguments. You can tell by the length and depth of her comments that these are her own thoughts. She is not just repeating some mantra that was drilled into her.

In fact, she does a better job articulating her positions that many members of Congress. Witness the recent debacle where Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to criticize the health care imitative. She was reduced to babbling or repeating the same slogans before breaking off into a fit of giggling and then making some comments about St. Patrick’s Day. She was borderline incoherent, and this is a person who, when speaker of the House, was just two disasters away from becoming president. An appalling thought if there ever was one.

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In contrast, this delightful and very articulate eleven-year old young lady is dignified, intelligent, and an incredible source of encouragement. It would be amazing to see where she is ten to twenty years from now.

Source: Clash Daily

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