During Interview, Trump Drops Shocking News On Election Tampering By Russia…Even Obama Is Stunned!

As the tension builds leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump in just over two weeks, one issue that is never far from top is the matter of the alleged hacking of various servers belonging to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton by Russia in order to promote the Trump candidacy.

While not condoning any hacking that may have occurred, it is interesting to note that the damning information that was released from whatever sources has not been repudiated. Hence the emails released appear to be genuine and were incredibly embarrassing and even incriminating to Democratic officials.

Yet the issue remains, how did WikiLeaks or whomever else was involved in making this material public acquire it in the first place? The Russians have been accused by Mr. Obama, the CIA, and various politicians on both sides of the aisle. Others have claimed the material was leaked by parties within the DNC itself. What’s the truth?

Clearly Donald Trump must weigh in on this issue, and that’s just what he has already done, casting doubt on the theory that Russia is the guilty party. Taking matters further, he has said he will make an announcement on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week on this subject.

In a recent statement, Trump, “expressing lingering skepticism about intelligence assessments of Russian interference in the election, said on Saturday evening that he knew ‘things that other people don’t know’ about the hacking, and that the information would be revealed ‘on Tuesday or Wednesday,’ the New York Times reports.”

Claiming knowledge of what was involved, Trump continued: “And I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else. And I also know things that other people don’t know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation.”

When pressed by the media for more information, Trump told them he would make a statement in a day or two.

As expected, this is a highly-charged political issue. There is already considerable animosity toward Russia and Mr. Putin coming from Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and all those who are looking to deflect some of the blame for Hillary’s devastating defeat in the polls on anyone who is convenient.

And it is clear that Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin are not friends. Add to that the fact that prominent Republicans such as Senator McCain have a hostile attitude to Putin, and this remains a hot-button issue in the post-election time period.

What will Mr. Trump have to say? What evidence will he produce? That’s impossible to say at this time. What we can say with a great deal of confidence, is that those who are determined to assign blame for Hillary’s defeat to anyone but Hillary, are unlikely to be convinced or silenced regardless of what evidence Mr. Trump produces.

Source: Political Wire

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