WATCH: Trump Drops Massive A-Bomb On CNN…Liberal Mainstream Media In Complete Meltdown!

Growing up, with the wild imagination and free spirit that I had (“have” may be the better word), I had to be instructed (innumerable times) that before I could really believe anything or set my opinion on solid ground, I had to “get my facts straight.” This would allow me to really flourish in college, as I was able to do my very best to understand both sides of a story before choosing which one was more factually correct. It also allowed me to learn to take some of the strong emotion out of the debate, as feelings and truth can sometimes be very different things.

Perhaps the liberals, their strong feelings over their loss of their candidate, would do well to separate the emotion from the truth. Instead, they have used emotion to their advantage, citing the need for “safe spaces” and such to allow themselves to recover from their candidate’s loss. How many of them can say that they’ve even run for office? I can, and I lost. And guess what? The next day after the election results, bills still had to be paid, so you pull up your adulthood pants and get back to work. Life goes on.

But I digress. For parents wanting to teach their children the value of checking their facts before saying anything incorrectly, today’s top headline will be an ideal use of instruction. Both CNN and Buzzfeed used their emotion, their disdain for Trump, and instead of checking the facts before posting viral information on the internet, they found out their news against Trump was false, and now are licking their wounds.

CNN, in a desperate attempt to gain some ground with the President-elect, pleaded to ask Trump a question. And you will see below the most explosive shut down ever.

Hot Air adds:

Yeah, that’ll leave a mark, but it’s mostly self-inflicted. CNN bit on a non-story in almost the worst possible way, and Buzzfeed followed up by actually delivering the worst possible way. Rather than wait for more information, both published a story based on unsubstantiated oppo research that was misunderstood as having the imprimatur of US intelligence agencies. Instead, it turned out that the agencies hadn’t actually briefed either Trump or Barack Obama on the salacious rumors, but planned to show it as an example of disinformation campaigns. NBC finally got it right more than twelve hours later, which left both CNN and Buzzfeed with egg on their collective faces.

Hopefully this painful lesson will in fact be a helpful transition into the new administration. Perhaps we can now start a true national dialogue that focuses on facts, listening, and working together to find the best solutions for all of America.

Source: Hot Air

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