President Trump Drops Bombshell On Mitch McConnell: “You Can…”

The worlds of Donald Trump the businessman and that of political Washington could hardly be more different. One world depends on innovation, providing value, responsible deployment and management of assets, and hard work. The other depends on none of those things. In fact, success in the political world is often enhanced by profligate spending, duplicity, and the creation of programs to benefit specific interest groups.

So it is likely that President Trump finds himself frustrated by the fact that he cannot simply layout a plan for accomplishing a goal, get input from competent subordinates, and then just give the order to get it done. He could never have built his business empire if he had to deal with what he encounters in Washington.

Signs of Donald Trump, the consummate businessman, have shown up as he has recently held Senate Majority Leader McConnell accountable for getting the Obamacare repeal legislation passed. His tweets advising Mr. McConnell to “Get back to work,” and “You can do it” are what you would expect to hear from a business leader. And you would also expect the subordinate to get with the program at once. It’s a refreshing change from the way Washington typically works.

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“A White House official told CNN Trump and McConnell spoke on the phone Wednesday about the path forward on health care and did not dispute that it was an animated conversation. A source familiar with the call said the conversation occurred while Trump was on his New Jersey golf course.”

You can bet it was animated. President Trump is rightly frustrated that a Republican controlled House and Senate cannot pass priority legislation on which the president ran. No doubt he told McConnell to get the job done. McConnell is probably not used to the idea of having a task before him that he is expected to complete. In this case, it means a bill on the president’s desk. Anything else is an unacceptable failure.

“Asked about Trump’s relationship with McConnell and how they would characterize their call, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, ‘I think you can see the President’s tweets. Obviously, there is some frustration.'”

“Some frustration” is no doubt an understatement. The word has come down from the White House: Create legislation that solves the Obamacare mess, get the legislation through both houses, and on the president’s desk. Any other result is unsatisfactory and will not be tolerated.

Legislators are being held responsible for getting results. No doubt many are have great difficulty functioning in such an environment. If so, this is an excellent learning experience for them.

Source: KTTS News

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