President Trump Drops Massive Announcement…Sends Snowflakes Into A Full Meltdown!

Ever since President Trump signed off on his first travel ban executive order, the liberals went into a complete meltdown. The victim mentality came charging out in the mainstream media, with the rhetoric that Trump was not compassionate nor caring for anyone entering the United States.

And thanks to the courts, who for some reason, believe that it is their job to legislate from the bench, decided to take their progressive views out on the rest of America and stop the ban entirely.

But does the radical left really think that they can stop President Trump and his compassionate consideration for the safety of all US citizens? They can’t. And here’s why:

President Trump will be signing a new executive order that is so airtight no one can touch it!

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From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump will release a new executive order on immigration Monday morning, sources with knowledge of these matters tell Breitbart News.

The new order comes after the first one—temporarily suspending the refugee program and barring travel into the United States from seven terror-prone countries—was met with backlash in the court system, with a district court and the ninth circuit court of appeals shutting it down.

This new order is slightly different from the first one, sources say, and moves Iraq—one of the seven countries from the first order—to a different category. It’s not entirely clear what the new category is or how Iraq will be handled in this new order at this time. It’s also unclear what other changes may be made from the first order, including in particular how the new one will handle the refugee program.

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Of course, we can expect to see more shenanigans from the liberals, as I’m sure they are planning to revolt. Again, they fail to realize that the sooner we protect our borders from those who wish harm us, the safer we all will be.

More from Breitbart:  While Spicer also made clear that the administration believes the first order was lawful, done in compliance with U.S. code and authority granted to the president, and that it will succeed eventually in the legal process in overturning the ninth circuit ruling, he said that the new order does take into account the appeals court’s decision. Spicer said:

We’ve taken the Court’s opinions and concerns into consideration, but the order is finalized. It’s now awaiting implementation. What we want to do is make sure that we’re working through the departments and agencies so that any concerns or questions are handled on the front end. But we are acting with appropriate haste and diligence to make sure that the order is done in an appropriate manner.

So take a hint liberals: Republican do care about everyone living in this country, so much that they are willing to take brow-beatings from you in order to preserve the safety and lives of every single citizen in the United States.

Source: Breitbart

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