Look How President Trump Just Dropped $1.33 BILLION On The Economy! MSM Is Silent!

If President Trump implements any strategies or policy changes that result in a boom for America’s economy and job creation, you can bet the mainstream media will spin it into a disaster of some kind if they don’t just ignore it altogether.

It hurts their anti-Trump narrative if he does something positive. Which once again proves what idiots the Radical Left in the media are.

Apparently, just having a president who doesn’t absolutely hate America, like you know who did, is enough to improve the situation. Because of that, we are now getting some great news from the automobile industry!

From Right Wing News:

Recently, Automobile manufacturer Toyota announced a major investment in a plant in Georgetown, Kentucky of about $1.33 billion. This plant will be the first to produce vehicles using a process initiated to speed up a car model’s development cycle. This design and manufacturing process is called; Toyota New Global Architecture.

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CEO Jim Lentz is over Toyota Motor of North America said, “This $1.33 billion investment is part of Toyota’s plan to invest $10 billion dollars in the U.S. over the next five years, on top of the nearly $22 billion Toyota has invested in the U.S. over the past 60 years. Toyota New Global Architecture is about exciting, ever-better vehicles for our customers as it will improve performance of all models.”

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The plant in Georgetown is Toyota’s largest in the world, with over 8,000 employees. It produced 500,000 vehicles last year which is 25 percent of all Toyota models sold in North America. They manufacture the Toyota Camry model, and Lexus models- nice.

Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin remarked, “Toyota is a global icon. This $1.33 billion investment is further proof of their commitment to producing American-made cars that are among the finest quality found anywhere in the world. It also serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the plant’s current employees, and reaffirms Toyota’s confidence in the advantages of manufacturing in Kentucky.”

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The company announced in January a $600 million investment at its Princeton, Ind., plant, and the creation of 600 new jobs. This is all part of its strategy to “build vehicles where they are sold.”


Whether the establishment media are willing to acknowledge it or not, Trump’s presence is having a positive effect on the economy, jobs, and especially the overall confidence Americans are feeling! Everything just looks a little brighter now that we no longer have president that can suck all the air out of the room just by walking into it!

Source: Right Wing News

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