President Trump Detonates This BOMBSHELL On Washington…Liberals Panicking, Americans Cheering!

When you think about it, the federal government doesn’t have a lot of tools at its command, just a few very powerful ones which make it such a danger to our freedom. It can tax. It can regulate. It can go to war. It can enforce its laws. It can move money around.

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There are a few other powers it possesses such as its ability to interfere with the economy and make a mess of the monetary system, but it doesn’t create products or wealth. It doesn’t educate children. It doesn’t build families. Those, and so many other things are done either at the local level, within the private sector, or by private individuals exercising their freedoms. All the federal government can do is stay out of the way and let these sectors prosper, or it can intervene and make matters worse.

President Trump is determined to get the government out of business affairs and people’s lives as much as possible. It’s basically a statement that his administration trusts businesses, the American people, and their locally elected representatives to make their own decisions apart from Washington. And that’s what we are now seeing.

Last Monday was a day when President Trump put his words into action as he, “took major steps towards rolling back federal regulations on Monday, signing House Joint Resolutions 37, 44, 57 and 58 under the Congressional Review Act. ‘Before this administration, only one time in our history had a president signed a bill that used the CRA to cancel a federal regulation. So we’re doing a lot of them, and they deserve to be done,’ Trump said in his opening remarks.”

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Each of these resolutions freed businesses, local schools, or local governments from meddlesome, wasteful, and oppressive regulations imposed by previous administrations. In doing so, he and Congress are using the “Congressional Review Act,” which, while seldom used, was designed just for this purpose. President Trump promises much more use of this act in the months to come.

What a win for states’ rights!

If the only tools you really have are the power to regulate, tax, and make war, and you are a supporter of central planning as are the liberals, you’re going to find opportunities to take freedoms from the people and local authorities and transfer power to the central government. After all, you really do not believe that the people can engage in self-government.

On the other hand, leaders who are truly devoted to liberty are willing to let the people conduct their own lives, making wise as well as poor decisions which are just part of life. You do not try to impose a series of “one-size-fits-all” mandates from Washington as substitutes for personal liberty.

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It’s clear what our Founders thought, and we see what their wisdom helped create in spite of statists who have labored in the opposite direction. President Trump is on the right side of history, and while it will take some time for some of his initiatives to take effect, he is moving the nation in the right direction.

Source: Western Journalism

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