Trump Just Bulldozed This Agency And Left Tree-Hugging Liberals A Sobbing, Blubbering Mess!

Any question about President Trump’s sincerity when it comes to reducing the size of the administrative state should be answered by now. While he clearly plans to increase military spending as he rebuilds our armed forces, he has been cutting red tape since his presidency started.

His order to “eliminate two regulations for each new one enacted” is more than just empty rhetoric. The man wants to take an ax to official Washington, reigning in its power and returning responsibility to the states for areas the federal government should never have been involved in to begin with. This is not going to be able to be done quickly, but the direction is very encouraging.

This sort of work doesn’t require the elimination of entire federal departments, as desirable as that might be. It can begin with just cutting some of the areas in which those departments intrude. That has clearly started, and it’s started with the EPA.

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In response to those Republicans who said Donald Trump would promote bigger government, The Blaze reports that, “The White House will send its budget plans to Cabinet officials Monday, according to Axios. The president, insiders said, is targeting the EPA as part of a first step in his planned ‘deconstruction of the administrative state.'”

Where does President Trump plan to redeploy these funds? Again, from The Blaze: “The cuts to the EPA and increased spending in the military budget would be a step toward Trump’s promised military expansion, including a transition goal to expand the U.S. Navy’s fleet to 350 ships — the largest buildout since the Cold War, bringing with it a $165 billion price tag over 30 years, according to The Hill. Trump’s military spending requests will require Congress to waive Obama-era military budget caps put in place as part of the sequester in 2013.”

The EPA is in drastic need of redirection and downsizing. It has spent far too much promoting unproven scientific theories for the political benefit of the left. They have even attempted to force Alaska from burning wood, as it would create too much pollution in that state. Read more about that story here:

That it is one of the first agencies targeted for reduction in size and scope bodes well for what we can expect next from President Trump.

Source: Clash Daily

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