What Do You Think? Do You Support President Trump’s Border Wall?

We just found out that, thanks to President Trump’s hard-care focus on deporting illegal immigrants back to their own home countries, many illegal aliens are now rushing up to the Canadian border in order to avoid deportation. Originally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened his border walls to all of these illegals and informing the world that anyone is welcome to Canada.

Well, it looks like PM Trudeau has had a change of heart. Now, due to the overwhelming influx of migrants that are now burdening Canada’s cash flow, Trudeau has decided to close down his own southern border by deploying 100 military soldiers to stop illegal migration. Perhaps he’s starting to believe that President Trump had the right idea in mind by deporting those who are illegally taking advantage of the system.

In any event, in hearing this news, does this further encourage you to support President Trump’s border wall at the Mexican border?

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What Do You Think? Do You Support President Trump's Border Wall?

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