BOOM! Trump Drops HUMONGOUS Border Wall Blow To Bureaucrats…Bleeding-Heart Liberals Going BERSERK!

President Donald Trump’s first and foremost campaign promise was that he was going to slow and ultimately, shut down any form of illegal immigration. From day one, he has done his best to do just that.

Despite the left’s protests and the liberal judges’ willingness to legislate from the bench, Trump is still focused on securing our borders.

Even though this recent report about building and funding the southern border wall may appear like a setback, Trump once again has shown that he has the moxy to make things happen quickly and efficiently.

From Yahoo News:

Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump insisted early Saturday that he would bring the price of his planned Mexican border wall “way down,” after US media circulated a government report estimating it would cost $21.6 billion.

We already know that the president has proven himself thus far when it comes to negotiating deals. Not only has he worked with Boeing to bring the costs of Air Force One down, but he has also created a business friendly climate to create jobs in the United States and bolster the economy.

We can have full faith and trust that though the typical federal bureaucratic system is showing high costs and a long time-frame, private sector businessman now President Trump will continue to drain the swamp, put the right people in place, and get this wall finished in no time!

Source: Yahoo News

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