Trump Administration Unable To Recover $815 Million That Obama Gave Away To…

One of the truly disturbing and disappointing aspects of the Obama regime was its complete lack of humility when it came to spending American taxpayers’ money, as well as its indifference when it came to answering questions as to why all that money was being spent in the first place.

The sickening way that Obama and his officials shrugged and smirked, as if to remind us of what poor slobs we were and how we could not even hope to ever receive a straight answer because, quite frankly, they didn’t believe you had the right to ask and they weren’t being compelled by any sense of morality, compassion or obligation.

Trump promised when he was elected that he would get to the bottom of the seemingly bottomless pit of spending that the Obama regime had come to epitomize. Recently, his Office of the Inspector General (OIG) set its sights on the Department Of the Interior (DOI) and past discrepancies in grants and grant tracking. The result was a $815M colossal waste of taxpayer money!

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Conservative Tribune:

Few could argue with a straight face that former President Barack Obama and his administration didn’t have a spending problem, often creating government programs seemingly just for the sake of spending more taxpayer money, regardless of where it went or what it was used for.

Thus, we were only slightly stunned to read a recent report from the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General that revealed that at least $815 million in grant money for land purchases had been doled out between 2014 and 2015 with absolutely no way to track the funds or ensure that they had been used for their intended purpose.

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The OIG investigation surveyed some 108 DOI programs that issue grants for land purchases, and focused in on 16 of those programs for a closer look. From those 16 programs, there were 701 grants issued for land purchases over a two-year period, totaling about $815 million.

However, it was found that some of those grants had been issued to purchase land that had not been properly appraised according to national standards, nor were all of the grant recipients reporting back to the granting agencies their inventory or proof of purchase and compliance, as is required by law.

In fact, less than 44 percent of grant recipients had followed through on keeping the department informed of the purchase, or with proof that the land was being used as intended.

President Donald Trump often railed against wasteful federal spending while on the campaign trail, and his administration has been making efforts to cut back on such waste while in office. Moreover, his Interior Secretary

Ryan Zinke appears to be fully on board with that specific agenda. We feel confident that the appropriate changes will be made, and this sort of haphazard doling out of federal funds with no follow up that took place under Obama will soon come to an end.

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The information contained in this report is enough to make you sick. Here’s my question, though. Why can we not find a paper trail for who was granted such money and demand that they file said paperwork. Even if it is years late, at least then the government can make a clean determination on whether or not they were duped and then go from there.

Seems to me that, although it’s awesome that we found this proof of even more waste on Obama’s hands, we also need to hold them accountable, even if it happens to be this late in the game. Better late than never!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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