AMAZING! Trump Adds Another HUGE Victory For Fox News Ratings…All ‘Fake News’ ANNIHILATED!

One thing the mainstream press should have figured out by now is that Donald Trump does not back down. Maybe they became too accustomed to having fellow liberals in the White House like Obama. Or perhaps they got used to politicians who were afraid to take them on. Whatever the cause of their arrogance, it’s clear that Mr. Trump is not going to roll over in their presence.  As such, he represents an enormous wake up call due to the fact that they do not intimidate him one bit.

Actually, it’s a joy to behold. No longer will we have Mr. Obama and the liberal press engaging in a mutual love-affair while purporting to being conducting a press conference. We certainly will not see a president cowering before the liberal press, afraid of what they might do if he does not show the respect to which they believe they are entitled.

In fact, we’ve already witnessed Mr. Trump referring to CNN as “fake news,” which should have told the network all they needed to know about where they stand with the new president. This is not a man who is afraid of conflict – he seems to thrive on it. Now Mr. Trump has turned up the heat even more as he has just gone out of his way to congratulate one of CNN’s biggest competitors, thereby defying the liberal media yet another time.

There can be little doubt that Mr. Trump views CNN as a political opponent, and for good reason. Any objective analysis of the network’s coverage of the presidential campaign clearly revealed who CNN’s choice was, and it definitely was not Trump-Pence. Needless to say, CNN has company in that regard. Leftists such as Maddow and Olbermann at MSNBC have regularly spewed liberal talking points while claiming to be reporting the news.

Continuing his defiance of CNN, “President Donald Trump congratulated Fox News for topping all comers in the television ratings battle on Inauguration Day and took a shot at ‘fake news’ CNN. The latter responded to the president later in the evening.”

Here is his tweet:

CNN responded by stating that according to Nielsen ratings, CNN and Fox were tied at 34 million views each.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story, “Fox News, in fact, topped the Inauguration Day television ratings according to Nielsen. FNC average 8.77 million viewers during the peak coverage from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern. NBC was the runner up with 5.9 million, followed by ABC and CBS at 4.9 million and 4.65 million, respectively. Trailing behind all of them was CNN at 2.91 million viewers. The network did double up on MSNBC, which drew 1.38 million.”

There was at least one clearly unintended consequence to CNN’s claims: “CNN’s reference to its 16.9 million live video interactions does help validate the Trump White House claim that the inauguration was the most watched in American history.”

Commenting on this, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “When you look at just one network [CNN] alone got 16.9 million people online. … There were tens of millions of people that watched that online. Nevermind the audience that was here, 31 million people watched it on television. Combine that with the tens of millions of people that watched it online, on a device. It’s unquestionable.”

Of course, Mr. Trump’s battles with one liberal network must never allow us to take our eyes off the really important issues and news – but they are fun to watch for entertainment value.

Source: Western Journalism

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