See Who Just Moved Their Troops To The Border — They’re Preparing For War!

The Korean War is on. Actually, it would be more accurate to state that, officially, the Korean War of the 1950s never ended, and is now looking like it’s about to heat up again. As we know, that war ended not with a peace agreement but with a cease-fire. And a cease-fire that has held, for the most part, ever since. It’s starting to look frayed.

Since we don’t have access to classified intelligence, there are limits to what average Americans can know about what capabilities North Korea really has. No doubt our government, for all its abilities, is unsure about some details. However, we can listen to the bellicose threats from the nation’s leader, and we can observe its missile tests. None of this can be construed to be promoting peaceful relations.

If the unthinkable occurs, and full-scale hostilities break out, possibly including an attempted missile attack on the U.S. from North Korea, what will China do? More to the point, what is China doing now, as tensions escalate? The answer is that they are moving troops to their border with North Korea.

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“China has built up its defenses along the North Korean border and has moved troops there in preparation of any military action from the Trump administration, the U.K. Daily Star reports.

“Citing a report from the Wall Street Journal, Fox News also noted that the Chinese military had moved to build up its defenses along the 880-mile border.

“Those defenses include bunkers designed to withstand nuclear attacks, 24-hour surveillance of the border and a new brigade to patrol the region.”

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None of that is very encouraging. Do they just want to control or prevent an exodus of North Korean refugees from pouring into China in the event of hostilities? Or do they plan on initiating some hostilities of their own?

“‘Military means shouldn’t be an option to solve the Korean Peninsula issue,’ a spokesman with the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.”

Now that sounds very nice. And it would be even nicer if China could or would convince their friend, the dictator of North Korea, of that fact. It’s not like the U.S. or South Korea can stop him if he chooses to order his military to conduct some sort of attack.

“The move comes as President Donald Trump has expressed disappointment over China’s inability — or unwillingness — to effectively pressure North Korea into giving up its missile tests and nuclear development. The administration has also made clear that military options are on the table, something that evidently unnerves China.”

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Perhaps. Or perhaps China wants the war to turn hot, although it’s not immediately apparent under what circumstances that would benefit China. North Korea serves its purpose for China as it is by providing a buffer between itself and South Korea which is a U.S. ally. So the status quo is not a bad thing for China.

That is unless China has goals that include reunifying the Koreas into one nation ruled by a regime under the control of China that would kick the U.S. out of the country. That seems like a “bridge too far,” and the pursuit of such would be a terrible risk for China. Hopefully, they realize that.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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