WATCH: Trey Gowdy Drops THIS Truth Bomb…BRUTALLY Slams Bleeding-Heart Liberals On Live TV!

In an interview on live television with FOX News, a United States representative was asked about his take on Gen. Michael Flynn resigning as President Trump’s National Security Adviser.

The assessment was made about how different the media and liberals were treating the news about the Trump administration, as opposed to how they treated former President Obama’s administration over the same types of issues.

Rep. Trey Gowdy did not mince words and made it perfectly clear that his target of anger and frustration was not at Gen. Flynn or President Trump, but on the Left!

From Yes I’m Right:

Trey Gowdy is America’s, and our, favorite lawmaker. His take-no-prisoners style when speaking to people is exactly what this country needs more of. If you haven’t heard, and I’m not sure how that’s possible with this story, National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned and was taken out of the Trump administration after it came to light that he was in contact with the Russians.

But here’s the kicker, Gowdy was not pissed at Flynn or Trump (as he shouldn’t have been). No, he was pissed at the left for their “eight year long vacation” on doing oversight on the executive branch. This is brutal and I can’t look away!

Watch the video of the interview with Gowdy here.

Gowdy put it like this:

All of that energy you saw today at their press conference, that is because they went on an eight ­year long vacation from doing oversight over the executive branch. I am all for the committees of jurisdiction, looking into it. I am also for looking into how classified information can make its way into the public domain.

The point Gowdy was making is that the left never checks itself and never scrutinizes what a liberal president is doing behind closed doors. However, if a Republican gets in the Oval Office, then they are all over it like ants on sugar trying to find out every little tidbit of information to use against him.

Thank you Rep. Gowdy for once again putting the left and mainstream media in their place!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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