WATCH: Trey Gowdy Just Dropped The Hammer, Brutally HUMILIATES Anti-Travel Ban Democrats! “The Fourth Amendment Does Not Apply To…”

As President Trump’s travel ban is being hotly debated as well as being litigated in the federal courts, there are points that need to be made.

First, this is not a ban on Islam, nor is it an attack on that particular faith. If that were the president’s goal, there are other nations with far more Muslim residents that he would have selected. This is an attempt to temporarily stop individuals from entering the United States from nations that are hotbeds of terrorist activity until such time as reliable methods for screening and vetting these people can be put in place. Only someone who will not or cannot grasp the facts, or who is working some other agenda will miss that.

Second, there are solid reasons to believe that our current methods of vetting are not sufficient. Hence, it is not difficult to imagine members of ISIS or another such group working their way through the current system in order to arrive in the United States and remain here at least long enough to accomplish a mission. The results of the Congressional hearings in the video cited will provide enough proof of that. So what is the point?

The point is that the president’s travel ban is appropriate, legal, and violates the rights of no one. Recognize that as conservative jack-hammer Mr. Gowdy points out, no citizen of another nation has a right to come to our country. That is a privilege we extend or deny as we wish. This is a power that all sovereign nations enjoy. Rep. Jason Chaffetz explains the same thing in this video.

Here’s a description of the video clip: “Hear for yourself why President Donald Trump is correct in issuing a temporary travel ban from countries known to be hotbeds for harboring terrorists and/or are hostile nations towards the United States. Many will disagree however, Congress has spent the better part of two years deposing the FBI, DHS, CIA and others in the intelligence community, all of which have proven that refugees and immigrants from various regions can not be vetted properly.”

Open borders, lax enforcement of immigration laws, and poor or non-existent vetting of those entering this nation lay out the welcome mat for both genuine refugees and terrorists alike.

If Mr. Trump is prevented from properly securing our borders, will the liberals who obstruct him take responsibility for any tragedies perpetrated by these visitors they are so eager to welcome? You already know the answer to that.

What do you think? Do you support President Trump’s travel ban?

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