WATCH: Trey Gowdy Dropped A Truth Bomb…Blows Up Right In Democrat’s Face!

It’s always gratifying to see people in positions of power and influence treat others with respect and grace. Unfortunately, we also run across those who are full of themselves, and who thus act in a condescending manner when interacting with those they consider to be beneath them. We’ve all seen this sort, and it’s nice to see someone come along and take them down a few notches.

Congress provides a terrific opportunity to look at leadership styles and personality types. Clearly, our nation has been blessed with some outstanding elected officials. Others are so obnoxious and boorish that you sit in amazement wondering how such unfurnished persons managed to get elected. It certainly doesn’t say much for the wisdom of their constituents.

A recent encounter during a congressional hearing between an arrogant congressman and a law enforcement officer provides a terrific example of how such pompous, self-righteous people ought to be dealt with. The story goes like this:

“During a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on immigration, [Congressman] Johnson tried to accuse the officer — Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeau — of not supporting any immigration from ‘south of the border’ — an accusation which Babeu vehemently denied.”

Here we see one of our Democratic friends reveal a typical membership recruitment activity of his party – the use of immigration.

That’s irritating enough, but things started getting ugly when Johnson asked if Babeu’s department needed a SWAT vehicle, and then cut him off before he could complete his reply. All the officer could manage to get out before being interrupted was, “We don’t,” Babeu said. “And this is where …”

At this point the subcommittee’s chairman Congressman Trey Gowdy shut Johnson down, interrupting Johnson himself, saying, “No sir. Sheriff you may answer the question. You cannot ask a question and then not allow the witness to answer…”

After interrupting the obnoxious Congressman Johnson, and allowing the Sheriff to answer the question, Gowdy brought Johnson’s questioning to a humiliating end: “Throughout Babeu’s answer, Johnson kept trying to bring up a ‘point of order,’ but he was simply ignored. At the end of Babeu’s testimony, Gowdy said that Johnson’s time was up and moved on.”

This is exactly how condescending jerks like Johnson should be dealt with. There’s no excuse for his behavior, and to allow him use a witness for his political grandstanding would have been disgusting. You’ve got a give Congressman Gowdy a lot of credit for putting the pompous Johnson in his place.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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