SURVEY STUNNER: The Latest Travel Ban Numbers Are In! The Floor Just DROPPED OUT On…

The controversy surrounding President Trump’s immigration and travel policies shows no sign of abating. This is apparently a cause for which the left has decided to go all the way. That’s beyond strange. In that in opposing the President’s actions, the left has chosen to serve the desires of non-citizens over the welfare of Americans, even at the risk of making it easier for potential terrorists to enter the country.

No one expected the liberals to roll over with the defeat of Hillary Clinton for the office of president. Yet, the way they have acted with their temper tantrums and violent protests reveal that we can expect them to refocus their efforts now in blocking President Trump’s executive and legislative agendas. While they do not have the votes in either house of Congress to do that, they will do whatever they can to oppose him.

The question then becomes one of how the electorate will react to the Democrats’ policies and actions. This is as vitally interesting to the Republicans as it is to the Democrats who are deciding how to react to a Trump presidency. When it comes to immigration and travel policies, it would strongly appear that the Democrats are on the wrong side of the issue, and this recent survey proves the point!

It turns out that a majority of Americans actually support the President’s travel and migration policies, news which is not what the Democrats want to hear. In fact, “A majority of voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting migration from terror-exporting countries, a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday finds.”

Breitbart has examined the poll and concludes that, “Pollsters worded the question to insinuate it was a blanket ‘Muslim ban.'” Of course, the ban on migration is nothing of the sort. Nevertheless, “most voters still supported it.” In fact, “55 percent said they approved of Trump’s executive order, while 38 percent disapproved.”

Again, the integrity of this poll has been called into question with the opinion by Breitbart that it was worded in a biased way. The implication is that if it had been clearly indicated that this policy was not designed to be a ban on Muslims, the support would have been higher.

Regardless of matters of polling integrity, the Democrats are on the wrong side of the issue. In the first place, no foreign citizen has any right whatsoever to enter the United States. That is a privilege the country may choose to extend or withhold. In fact, every nation has that right.

Second, the position the liberals are taking on this entire issue works against the strength of the nation-state and plays directly into the hands of globalist interests funded by individuals such as George Soros.

Perhaps if the question had been asked with the above facts included, the result would have been even more supportive of President Trump’s policies.

Source: Breitbart

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