JUSTICE SERVED: After Quitting National Guard, Traitor CAUGHT And SENTENCED! Secretly Defected To ISIS To…

Members of the United States armed forces take an oath of loyalty to our country on entering the service. This is serious business with serious consequences to those who would betray that oath and our nation. When someone does, the hammer of justice must fall hard.

Groups such as ISIS would love to implant members in the US, armed with the skills, willingness, and resources necessary to carry out terrorist attacks. That we’ve not seen more such attacks than we have is a testimony to the work done by our investigative and law enforcement agencies. Regardless of verbal attacks from the left, President Trump is correct in strengthening our borders.

When an American serviceman joins up with an Islamic terrorist organization such as ISIS, he has committed treason. This is rightly condemned with the strongest of penalties due to the devastating impact it can have on the country and on its armed forces. Hence, what just happened is an excellent illustration of the justice system working correctly.

Mohamed Jalloh, 27, of Sterling, Virginia, left the National Guard and fled the country in order to join up with ISIS. The idea was to be trained by that group before coming back to America to commit terrorist atrocities.

Once in Northern Africa, “Jalloh reached out to an IS operative named Abu Saad Sudani, who put him in contact with a person who he hoped would help carry out an attack in the U.S.” It turns out, however, that the contact person was a US government informant.

At this point, Mr. Jalloh’s plans went very wrong for him. “Although Jalloh didn’t know it at the time, he sent the man hundreds of dollars and made plans to carry out a Fort Hood-style attack. As one would imagine, when Jalloh made his way back to America to meet with the man, he was quickly arrested.”

The Daily Mail reported that, “the former National Guard was sentenced to 11 years in prison for support of the Islamic State, and told a court of the chilling experience that made him leave the group.”

The judge handed down a just sentence that ought to be a warning to others who might consider such treasonous acts.

Whatever that chilling experience was that Jalloh had at the hands of ISIS, he’s fortunate that he had a change of heart when he did. While 11 years in prison is severe enough, had he followed through on his intentions to commit a terrorist act, he would likely be dead.

This is yet another example of intelligence and law enforcement agencies working to save American lives from terrorists. How much better it would be were those who might be contemplating such atrocities to spend copious amounts of time thinking over Mr. Jalloh’s experiences. They might have an even earlier change of heart, and save themselves much misery.

Source: Mad World News

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