Tragedy: Border Patrol Agent Stabbed In Eye, Killed While Cartel Thug Attempted To…

Not all of the criminals with which Border Patrol agents must contend are illegal aliens. Some are home-grown. And, unfortunately, the risks of serving with Customs and Border Protection don’t end when an agent goes off his or her shift.

Matters are serious indeed when just being identified as a member of law-enforcement is enough to make you a target of attacks. We typically think of criminals doing everything they can to avoid the police as they go about whatever nefarious plans they have. Attacking someone solely because he or she is a police officer is another matter altogether.

As an off-duty Border Patrol agent and his girlfriend walked to a car, they were accosted by a thug who later turned out to be a cartel member. After identifying himself as a Border Patrol agent, the thug attacked with a knife. Further aggression led to the agent sustaining ultimately fatal wounds.

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“A statement from the El Paso Police Department obtained by Breitbart Texas states the incident began on May 20 when off-duty Agent Morales and his girlfriend walked to their car from a bar they attended. The suspect, later identified as Hisaias Justo Lopez, 39, walked up to the couple, and another couple they were walking with and began an unprovoked confrontation. Morales identified himself to Lopez as a Border Patrol agent. The suspect then pulled a knife and stabbed Morales, Sgt. Enrique Carrillo wrote in a statement. Lopez reportedly fled and Morales pursued him, along with his friend and other witnesses.”

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Lopez’s motive for attacking is not known at this time. However, it is significant that the attack turned violent and deadly only after Agent Morales identified himself as a Border Patrol agent. This revelation clearly either terrified or enraged Lopez.

“Suddenly, Lopez turned and stabbed Morales in the face, Carillo stated. Witnesses eventually tackled Lopez and held him for police.”

Agent Morales later tragically died from his wounds. Lopez, a U.S. citizen, is in jail awaiting trial on a murder charge.

CBP officials issued a statement that we should all heed. “Please join the Border Patrol in offering condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Agent Isaac Morales as they cope with this loss. We ask our community to keep Agent Morales’s loved ones in their thoughts and prayers during the difficult days ahead.”

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We should all remember those who serve in law-enforcement occupations as they work to keep up safe, sometimes with opposition coming from political quarters within our own country. Those politicians and community leaders who are so vigorous in their condemnations of these public servants might have an attitude change if forced to reverse their roles.

Source: Breitbart

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