SHOCK POLL: “Poorest White Town” Drops HUMONGOUS Hammer Of Humiliation…Even Democrats Can’t Believe This Vote!

The Democrats have made careers out of claiming to be the champions of the working-class American, as well as the non-working American. And now they are championing the cause of the non-working, non-American. Benefits for all, while soaking the rich has been their cry. Of course, the whole thing is fraudulent, but getting that point across has not been easy. They are excellent political salespersons.

And there is truth to the notion that it has been the Democratic Party that has traditionally captured the support and votes of organized labor as well as most of the underclass. The problem is that much of the Democratic leadership, at least on the national level, recognizes that they need to keep people in these situations so that the liberals can distribute the largess that essentially buys votes.

Thus, you might expect the “poorest white town in America” to be staunchly Democratic due to its residents being on welfare and other government assistance programs. You would be mistaken. This is Trump country. This is Beattyville, Kentucky.

According to a report from CNN, the residents of this town are thrilled to have Donald Trump as President: “‘I voted for Trump 100 percent,’ says Barbara Puckett, a 55-year-old mom, who lives in the small and friendly town of Beattyville. ‘It’s the most hopeful I’ve been in a long time now that he’s in there.'”

President Trump got 81% of the vote in this town.

Another resident weighs in on Mr. Trump: “‘Donald Trump’s got all the money he’ll ever need,’ says Steve Mays, judge-executive for the county and life-long Beattyville resident. The 49-year-old says he’s never been more excited about a president than he is now. ‘Trump will be a president for the common man.'”

When you think about it, that’s an amazing accomplishment. How many billionaires have you seen who identify with “the common man or woman.” Bill Gates? George Soros? Warren Buffet? Nope. Just Donald Trump.

Allen West’s site continues with this observation: “These are the individuals responsible for Trump’s victory, the marginalized that have been all but forgotten by liberal politicians who pushed them to the wayside for the sake of an agenda that makes their pockets fat.”

It seems that these people will not be forgotten by President Trump.

Source: Allen B. West

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