Top GOP Senator Stabs President Trump In The Back! Guess Who? It’s Not John McCain, It’s…WHOA!

President Trump has quite a array of enemies and obstructionists to overcome in getting the agenda he ran on enacted. It’s not like he was shy or reluctant to tell everyone just what he planned to do.

The sad part of all of this is the obstruction he is receiving from members of his own party. With Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, a team effort should form and the president’s agenda should move forward. Instead, in typical Congressional fashion, it’s bogged down. And it’s the Republicans who are primarily to blame since their majorities would allow them to move forward in spite of the Democrats.

To a list of shame that includes individuals such as Speaker Ryan and Senator McCain, we can now add Senate Majority Leader McConnell who has decided to impede the president’s tax cut program.

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Cutting taxes, which is nothing more than letting people keep more of the money that they earn can be a powerful stimulant to the economy. Apparently McConnell either does not understand this or does not care since he has effectively blocked the president’s tax plan.

“Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell announced this week that he will block any tax cuts that are not revenue neutral. This is impossible. Therefore, McConnell and Republican lawmakers will block tax cuts to all working Americans.”

Where were these guys when Mr. Obama doubled the national debt?

“Republicans did nothing to prevent Obama from increasing national debt by $10 trillion. Now they suddenly have a backbone because Trump is the Commander in Chief. Senator Majority Leader McConnell says tax reform must be revenue neutral. In other words, McConnell and GOP lawmakers are going to block tax cuts to millions of working Americans. Republican lawmakers are the enemy.”

You have to wonder if the members of the Republican Party leadership are completely incompetent or just don’t like being the majority party. It’s hasn’t been called the “stupid party” for no reason.

The problem is that the people spoke when they elected Donald Trump as president. His agenda was made very clear. The obstructionist Republican politicians are traitors to their president and to the voters who elected him.

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It’s just too bad that we cannot deport McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, and several others to a country far, far away where they can do no further damage to America.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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