After Election, Top DNC Leader Drops Bombshell On Hillary…Proves Trump Was Right All Along!

In reflecting over the year 2016, namely, Election Day 2016, part of Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump can be attributed to her running just a lousy campaign. In typical Hillary fashion, she took people and their votes for granted, and was never able to shake that aloof, condescending manner of hers that is so irritating. Having taken certain traditional Democratic voters for granted, she campaigned in the wrong states.

On the other hand Mr. Trump took a message to the people that animated them, and motivated them to vote Trump, especially in states that astonished Hillary.

So perhaps Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary should not be as surprising as it was. When your political opponents say that you did things right, it’s really worth taking note. And when that person happens to be the current head of your opposing political party, the significance of the remarks should not be ignored. Not because we’ve suddenly found common ground with the opposition, but because the implications of those remarks are well worth examining.

And that point is being made by a top official within the Democratic National Committee. That’s hugely significant, and here’s why that’s the case and who made the remark.

Donna Brazile, currently heading up the DNC, just said something that should make Hillary’s skin crawl: “DNC strategist Donna Brazile came out and admitted that with a slogan like ‘Make America Great Again,’ it was no wonder Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in the election.” 

That’s a potent observation. Let’s get a direct quote from Ms. Brazile: “You have to give credit to the campaign that had a consistent message, 100 percent of the time, make America great,” she said on ABC News. “A slogan that became the message that became the song. And when you got a song, you got a melody.”

She continues: “‘Everywhere I went in blue states, especially in so-called blue states … I kept phoning back to Brooklyn, “Hey guys, there are Trump posters all over. All over the place,”‘ she said.”

Hillary thought she had states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the bag. Hence she ignored them. Note the genius here of our Constitution and its Electoral College. Were that not in place, Hillary decision to ignore those three states would have had no negative consequences.

Certainly there will always be some states that will be more important than others to a political campaign. But Hillary’s defeat shows that you ignore states at your own peril. That’s something that Brazile, correctly, observed.

Donald Trump, in contrast, went on a tireless pursuit with his appealing and simple to understand message to all Americans. And guess what? He won.

Source: Right Wing News

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