Through Obama’s Orders, The Navy Hasn’t Done This Since WWII…Another Failed Defense Policy!

After observing President Obama’s tactics and behavior this past week, I think most of us would agree and say that we would rather prefer him to still be vacationing in Hawaii.

Obama is furious that in three weeks, he will have to leave the White House, his failed policies, and his disastrous legacies. Along with that, he will have to watch every action of his failed eight years in office be completely dismantled by a Republican Congress and Trump. So this past week he’s decided to attack Trump through veiled comments, bully Israel, and increase tensions with Russia.

During his last press conference, while touting his phenomenal economic “recovery,” his more “cost-saving” Obamacare, and his ability to be our “Uniter-In-Chief,” President Obama has now done the unthinkable in protecting our nation.

From Conservative Tribune:

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