This Top Government Official Resigned! Here’s The Reason Why He’s Sprinting Out Of Washington!

Over the last several weeks and months, our attention has been captivated by the constant drumbeat of scandal and rumor circulating around our nation’s capital.

FBI Director James Comey was front and center of the DC drama, as the investigation into his handling of the Hillary scandal was nothing short of horrendous. Hence, he was fired by President Trump for not being honest about Hillary’s culpability.

In the aftermath of Comey’s exit, few noticed that another Obama-era government agency head has quietly retired. Who? John Thompson, the director of the U.S. Census Bureau. The reason why? Funding, of course. It seems the new government budget doesn’t contain the necessary funds for the agency to conduct the 2020 census, the way he wanted it to be funded.

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From Independent Journal Review:

John H. Thompson, the director of the U.S. Census Bureau resigned from his position after 27 years with the agency, The Washington Post reports. Thompson served as the head of the Census Bureau since 2013.

The census bureau released a statement hinting at the reasons for Thompson’s departure:

The Census Bureau did release a statement where Thompson said that leaving now will allow Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross “sufficient time to put the proper leadership in place to guide the Census Bureau through the 2020 Census.”

Thompson’s departure comes amidst a funding crisis that the Census Bureau is currently experiencing. Congress only approved $1.47 billion for Fiscal Year 2017, which falls significantly below what is needed for them to carry out the 2020 decennial count.

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Lacking the funds to conduct a proper census in 2020 could lead to a misallocation where necessary funding may not reach certain groups in both the public and private sectors, according to the Census Bureau. Of course they want us to worry about their “lack of funds.” See how they angle it below:

Underfunding this constitutional measure poses a very serious potential problem. The census provides the government with information that they use to allocate resources. That same information is used to consider congressional redistricting.

Underfunding the census could potentially lead to certain groups being miscounted in official government statistics, theoretically creating dysfunction throughout both the public and private sectors.

Really? I thought the constitutional purpose of the census was to count heads only, and any idea of an agency readily admitting to threaten miscounting due to less funds should be ashamed of themselves! To quote the US Constitution: “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

We can expect Thompson’s contributions as head of the Census Bureau will be, perhaps, missed, but we also know that the government is in good hands and Trump will find a suitable replacement.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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