Shocking: Latest Survey Says This Hasn’t Happened In 60 Years…And It’s Obama’s Fault!

Barack Obama’s first promise as president might be, ironically, the last one he breaks before he leaves.

But, given his history of broken promises over eight miserable years, I suppose it makes sense to try for a perfect record.

On November 8th, 2008, Obama, in a self-serving speech typical of both his campaign and his subsequent terms, pridefully declared his presidency the moment when the nation began to heal from its wounds. As it turned out, it was the moment the deepest wounds began. The following eight years gave us Occupy Wall Street, anti-cop marches, more riots than most anyone could keep track of, and a rise in racial violence the likes of which the country hadn’t seen in many decades. That’s hardly a record to be bragging about.

The death blow, however, came recently in a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, which made clear just how miserably Obama had failed the American people on his first promise. Barack’s approval rating, not surprisingly, differs greatly across partisan lines. This, though, isn’t the smoking gun – all recent presidents have approval ratings that split across party lines to some degree. The shocker here is just how big the split is – Barack Obama’s ratings gap is a massive 67 points. That breaks a record that stood for nearly 60 years. Hardly great results for someone who pledges to be a Uniter-in-Chief.

As the Center stated, 67 points “is a wider partisan gap than in George W. Bush’s job approval rating eight years ago (60 percent of Republicans approved, just 6 percent of Democrats) or Clinton’s in January 2001 (85 percent of Democrats approved, as did 35 percent of Republicans).” Starkly put, “Obama’s average job rating over the course of his presidency is more politically polarized than any president dating to Dwight Eisenhower.”

Lest we be accused of making Fake News, let’s be clear – the Pew Research Center is giving a clear statistical refutation of the idea that Obama brought the country together. It’s now impossible to claim that he did anything but divide and wound the country at a time it most needed healing.

Liberals aren’t known for their command of the facts, so don’t get too hopeful that this one will sink in. Still, it’s worth putting directly – in Obama’s election, we were promised a physician. Instead, we got an assailant, one who cut deeper rather than stitched. A pity, then, that healthcare costs have skyrocketed.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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