Shocking: Latest Survey Says This Hasn’t Happened In 35 Years…Obama Once Again Humiliated!

The election of Donald Trump as our next president has had an electrifying impact on America. And the “Trump Train,” as this juggernaut was referred to during the campaign, shows no indication of slowing down. The signs are everywhere.

Our military is thrilled with the prospect of General Mattis taking over as Defense Secretary. Many of Trump’s other appointments have generated enthusiasm as well. It’s almost like the nation is experiencing a renaissance as it says goodbye to the ineffectual and corrupt Obama administration. Of course, not everyone feels this way – Obama and Hillary apologists are still throwing temper tantrums. But it’s clear that change is coming in a big way to Washington.

However, what has been discussed above mostly revolves around “feelings.” A feeling of enthusiasm. A feeling of hope. An anticipation of better things to come. Nothing wrong with great feelings as they can lead to great motivation which can produce some amazing results. But what about some real numbers instead of just this feeling business. Is such a thing out there?

There sure is, and one statistic that has been monitored and studied for decades is the U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index. It just soared by the most since 1980. Since small businesses are the engine for innovation and what drive the economy’s growth, this is absolutely outstanding news.  Here are the specifics:

“The National Federation of Independent Business’s index jumped 7.4 points last month to 105.8, the highest since the end of 2004, from 98.4. While seven of the 10 components increased in December, 73 percent of the monthly advance was due to more upbeat views about the outlook for sales and the economy, the Washington-based group said.”

Bloomberg goes on to note that, “[E]xpectations about the economy’s prospects improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election.”

In other words, the Trump Train is on a roll, and small business is on-board.

NFIB officials point out the significance of these numbers: “’We haven’t seen numbers like this in a long time,’ Juanita Duggan, president and chief executive of the NFIB, said in a statement. ‘Small business is ready for a breakout, and that can only mean very good things for the U.S. economy. Business owners are feeling better about taking risks and making investments.’”

You know what happens when businesses are prepared to “take risks and make investments,” right? Job growth – across the entire spectrum of occupations.

While it might be too soon to count the number of jobs that will be created, it is not too soon to get excited about the likelihood of American industry and business talent being unleashed in a big way.

The Trump Train is changing America – and Mr. Trump has not even moved into the White House yet.

Source: Bloomberg

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