They Charged Him! See Who’s Just Been Indicted By Department Of Justice

While I’m no fan of illegal aliens and their dishonesty in violating federal immigration laws and identity theft in order to attain Social Security Numbers, I still believe it’s an absolute travesty that some of these people are so desperate to get themselves out of their own country and into the United States that they’re willing to put not only their own lives on the line, but also those of their children. This is more than this nation should tolerate.

For the Left to sanctimoniously sit there and point an accusatory finger in the Right’s direction, expecting that the simple shout of “RACIST!” will someone turn an entire nation’s attention away from things like coyotes, drug smuggling, and human trafficking is disingenuous and shameful.

Yet that is what we are told to ignore, believe it or not, when situations like what happened a couple of months ago in the parking lot of a Walmart when an entire tractor trailer full of immigrants was discovered, with many of those inside already corpses. The driver has now been indicted and may very well face the death penalty.

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Washington Examiner:

A federal grand jury indicted a truck driver accused of smuggling illegal immigrants through Texas, including 10 who died last month, on charges that could bring the death penalty.

The five-count indictment of James Bradley Jr., late Wednesday includes two charges that could result in life imprisonment or a death sentence: one count of conspiracy to transport and harbor illegal immigrants for financial gain resulting in death and one count of transportation of illegal immigrants resulting in death.

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San Antonio police arrested the 60-year-old Bradley in July after discovering his tractor-trailer full of 39 illegal immigrants outside a Walmart store, according to the Justice Department. Police found 10 of the illegal immigrants dead, two were hospitalized. 22 were placed in federal custody, and five were released from the hospital to immigration authorities. Another four people were children and are under the supervision of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Bradley has denied that he knew people were in the trailer and told law enforcement officials that after he became aware of at least one dead person he called his wife instead of 911, according to the Justice Department. But court records said the illegal immigrants in the trailer estimated that as many as 200 people were transported in the trailer.

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Under the Obama administration, this sort of barbaric practice was not only condoned, but encouraged. You’ll recall that Barack Hussein Obama had actually prodded illegal aliens to break federal immigration laws to come to the US because there would be no repercussions (although he still denies this, it is on video).

As well, the Democrats on the Left and the RINOs on the Right will continue to uphold this sacred and secret vow to keep pushing amnesty. If Trump is ever gone from the Oval Office, they will move swiftly to reverse what the American people have repeatedly said they supported.

Source: Washington Examiner

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